The Nantucket Project

The Nantucket Project annually brings together 500-plus exclusive guests for a four-day, multi-location event featuring marquee speakers and performers. It’s been called an ideas festival, a think tank, and an immersion conference. Tom Scott, the CEO of Nantucket Nectars and Co-Founder of TNP, states that The Nantucket Project “convenes some of the world’s brightest, most interesting people to discuss bold, thought-provoking ideas about what matters most in our noisy, messy world.” Working with spirited thinkers and creators, the event aims to “spark conversation, share insight, and build strong relationships.”


Since 2015, massAV has partnered with TNP to provide the top-level, unfailing support that its audience expects. The 2018 edition also saw the addition of a new sponsor, Intel, who wanted to deliver a significant impact of their own. The Nantucket Project event expanded to five locations, including the main tent, four overflow areas, daily live broadcasts, and an after-party featuring internationally renowned performers in an airport hangar. With 20-plus weddings scheduled the same weekend, the island’s limited resources were exhausted, requiring a completely self-sufficient support solution.


Projection Mapping


Over the course of the week, massAV brought nine trucks and 41 technicians to Nantucket and engineered an intricate network designed to deliver high-end service to all areas of this sprawling, VIP event. Tiered seating created a more intimate setting in the main tent, where 66 separate presenters shared more than 30 session-hours of content and performances. Visuals from more than 25 sources were distributed to 18 display screens and monitors in the main presentation and overflow areas while nine cameras captured individual recordings. For Intel’s after-party, a sparse hangar was transformed into a unique, immersive entertainment environment through 4K video mapping and an energetic light show synced to an all-star musical performance.

The high-resolution displays, complex signal flow, concert-quality sound, and dynamic lighting only offered part of the solution, however. Equally important to successfully supporting an event of this scope was managing the production.  massAV collaborated with The Nantucket Project and assembled multiple teams dedicated to each separate area. As TNP’s Production Director described our coordination of the event, “there was never, ever a ‘no, we can’t do that’, instead (they) always brought our ideas into a realistic stage.”


The entire event was a complete success met with enthusiasm at every location. Assessing the video mapping and concert support at the hangar, Intel’s CEO said that “saying it was a 100% success does not do it justice.” The best summary comes directly from The Nantucket Project, who told us “our CEO, Program Director, and Production Director felt like the massAV team was part of our team and their goal was to do whatever it took to make this the best event we have ever had.”