Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services and enables corporations and government agencies to deliver content and applications such as ads, business transaction tools, HD quality streaming video and websites over the internet. With over 60 global offices and a network of some 170,000 servers in more than 100 countries, Akamai is always working to analyze and manage internet traffic, transmitting content from the most efficient server for the end user. The company’s advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.


Each year, Akamai brings together over 1,700 customers, partners, prospects and employees for their Global Customer Conference.  The Event Marketing team required a partner that they could count on to take charge and deliver results.  Because the conferences feature multiple breakout tracks, on and off-site hospitality events, partner expo, technology showcase and General Session, their partner needs to perform with a high degree of independence while being proactively and aggressively budget conscious.  Every technical detail, from the custom designed Network Operations Command Center in the lobby to the high definition wide screen presentations and live demos in the general session, required precise engineering and implementation.  In 2009, Akamai found that partner in massAV, turning to us for complete production support.



massAV responded by maintaining the high standards that Akamai demands, implementing High Definition and 4K solutions in every aspect of their world class events. For example, Akamai Edge in 2014 featured a blended widescreen and live streamed 4K video, allowing seamless delivery of high impact content to an enthusiastic audience.  Maintaining a fluid flow to the program’s technically precise on-stage demos, multi-camera IMAG, multiple video and computer sources and simultaneous interpretation to 3 languages, required the coordinated efforts of a seasoned production team with both agility and energetic focus.


The entire event was tightly stage managed and flowed seamlessly from the opening General Session through every moment of this premiere industry event until after the last attendee departed.  With consistent growth from year to year, massAV is proud to be a preferred partner to Akamai for all of their customer facing events, including their annual Investor Days, Sales Academies, Quarterly multi-location 2-way virtual and live broadcast events. Every year since 2009, massAV has been proud to support Akamai for a broad spectrum of events and creative production activities in Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, Washington DC and San Francisco.