In today’s digital transformation landscape, the remote experience must match with the live experience as closely as possible. How to achieve this is one of the great magic tricks of production.

Your audience may be present at the live event or they may be watching at their desktop and from another location through a live stream webcast and their experience must be engaging and inspiring from both the ballroom to the boardroom.

MAVLive™ is massAV’s webcast platform, which is a diverse service that combines ease of use with technical capabilities that allow for a seamless digital experience. But it’s not just streaming cameras to the web…it’s providing a unique and transparent experience that makes that digital guest feel important, connected and satisfied.

Our Tewksbury facility houses our spacious soundstage and control room ready to host your live or recorded webcast with turnkey capabilities that make an otherwise complex process simplistic, comfortable and worry free.

Whether it is at another venue location or here in our studios, the MAVLive™ platform will take your message to your remote audiences, providing them with a truly interactive experience right from their desktops.