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April 22, 2019

How Live Streaming Solutions Can Make Your Event Stand Out

Live streaming or webcasting is a great way to create buzz about your company. Whether it’s a product launch, major announcement, or another installment of a webcasting series, you want your event and your company to look great online. If you are looking for the best way to live stream your event for maximum impact, we’ve put together this list that can take it to the next level and help your company stand out.

Quality Production Makes a Good First Impression

Poor sound quality, poor video quality, and technical difficulties are webcasting killers. While you’re planning, think about the kind of microphones and video camera you will use. Decide whether there will be music during the event and discuss securing the rights. Where will the equipment be placed? Is there adequate lighting in the room? Will your presenter be front and center, or off camera for most of the event? These are essential production questions your live streaming provider can help you answer in advance.

In addition, consider how the event will make your company look to the audience. Live streaming solutions should be able to provide integrated branding to keep your company in the picture, such as displaying your logo throughout the stream.

Get Interactive

Companies like to imagine a sea of people watching their stream,  hanging off the presenter’s every word. In reality, audience members are likely logging on at work, multitasking, and getting distracted by emails and texts. How do you keep them engaged when in some cases you are hundreds of miles away?

The best way to live stream your event is to think of it less like a lecture and more like a conversation. There are many ways to make your webcast interactive, from conducting a Q&A to posting a poll and responding to results in real time. An experienced production company offering a live streaming solution can provide a number of options to get audiences interacting with your company.

Think Beyond the Event

Putting together a company event is a lot of work. When designing the program and how it will appear on your live stream, think about how you can maximize the event for future use. With some editing, you can turn portions of the presentation into shorter videos to post on your website and on social media. Your webcasting solution can help you make a recording of the event available to participants to watch later, either on your company website or a landing page where they log in to gain access. If you are using additional materials, like a slide show presentation, make that available too.

Let people know as you are promoting the event that these materials will be available as a resource. Giving the audience an added value will entice them to sign up, bring them back to your website, and help you spread your company’s message.

Ask for the Numbers

After all the effort your company put into creating an engaging live stream, don’t you want to know who watched it? Live streaming solutions can provide you with some level of analytics after the event, such as how many unique users logged on to view and where those viewers were watching.

Competition for eyeballs on the internet is tough. Our live streaming service works with customers to come up with ways to make their event stand out. If you have any questions about webcasting solutions, visit MAVLive.


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