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October 17, 2018

How Your Production Partner Can Help You Create an Awesome Experience

What do we want?


When do we want them?

Before we begin!

Have you ever walked into a restaurant with expectations set high?

You may not even know what you want to eat, but you certainly know that you want an experience that meets those expectations. All you know for sure, at that moment, is that you are hungry. So, you sit down and the waiter comes to the table and hands you a menu. You’re leaning toward the chicken because you like chicken and that’s what you usually order.

But then the server tells you about the specials. “Did you know our chef’s specialty is pasta? We have three new selections you might like…and I will describe them to you in appetizing and enticing ways.”

Well, maybe he didn’t say that last part, but if he’s a good server, he knows that if he makes those specials sound delicious you’ll probably change your mind about the chicken. And guess what happened…you went for the Pasta Primavera even though it’s loaded with carbs and cost almost twice as the chicken. Why?

Because decisions have two polar properties.

  1. I want something specific.
  2. I’m open to trying something new.

But your expectation is singular.

  1. I want something awesome.

This is Marketing 101. Awesome is an outcome.

Good marketers know that regardless of what you choose, you are basically looking for an awesome outcome. Let’s leave the restaurant now and go back to the office.

You have an event coming up in six months where all your product users will be gathered to learn more about your latest offerings. You want your event to stand out and be both successful and memorable. Your team may differ on the particulars, but you have one thing in common: You want something great and you haven’t even made a single decision yet. So, you get started on your RFP. You list out the fundamentals of what you need: displays, lighting, sound, labor, schedules, technical drawings, renders, all your favorite known entities. But did you leave out something? Did you ask for awesome? Probably not because mostly, people don’t ask for awesome. They expect it.

You ask: “I’d like an opening video, please?”

The reply should never be, “Would you like that to exceed your expectations?”

Because you will never answer “No, that’s okay. Just bring me any video that touches the six points I gave you.”

How production partners bring the awesome

Your production partner brings the awesome that is intrinsic to their talents. That’s why you asked them to help you, not because you wanted them to march through the details of your request.

Your production partner is like your chef, they can open your eyes to new things that very well may be exactly what you wanted, even if you weren’t quite clear yourself on what you were looking for. Again, often you might not know what you are looking for at that very moment other than “show me something awesome.”

Another thing you’re unlikely to hear is “please don’t upset me.” That is a process concern and is extremely important in being a successful and trusted production partner, but it isn’t an outcome.

Awesome is a commitment to exceed expectations and to arrive at an outcome that worked perfectly and felt great. Awesome doesn’t come in a can and doesn’t roll out of a truck in small square cases. Awesome is the road less traveled. It’s not safe, it’s risky, but the rewards are high. And to bring us back to the restaurant, even if you finally do decide to order the chicken, you’ll go back to that bistro because those specials are still ringing in your head and you’re thinking “I’m going back there to try that special thing.”

What do we want?

We want awesome experiences for ourselves and our audiences.

When do we want them?

Before we decide on anything.

How do we get there?

By working with a production partner that is focused on your experience and puts awesome ideas in front of you.

After all, you’re not coming to a restaurant or an event expecting anything less.


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