massAV Sales Director David Connor on the phone
August 26, 2019

massAV’s Sales Evolution: Welcoming New Director of Sales David Connor

Exciting times are upon us here at massAV. We have always lead the charge with innovative technology and offerings for our clients and today, we’re working hard to develop new ways to enhance our customer relationships through our live event, video, and webcasting services.

One of the most notable steps we’ve taken in pursuit of this vision is with the recent onboarding of massAV’s new Director of Sales and Business Development David Connor. David joins massAV with a quarter century’s worth of experience leading Sales and Marketing programs throughout New England. His service-oriented approach is a great fit for massAV as we are looking forward to working with him to build upon the customer-focused service massAV has long provided.

David took some time to sit down for an interview and share insights from his career, what excites him most about his new role with massAV, and how he hopes clients engage with the massAV sales process in the future.

You’ve been leading sales strategy and initiatives for over 25 years, what excites you most about this next chapter with massAV?

Well firstly, being part of a technology-forward organization with a strong brand name and reputation was exciting to me. It’s a powerful thing to be involved with a team who has done things right for so many years. The longevity of this company is a great story that needs to be told. It says to me that we do right by the client, that we provide the best possible solution.

Now to be in a role where I can help build on top of that strong foundation, it’s exciting, right? There’s so much opportunity. Companies are recognizing now that for their events and videos to stand out, they need to produce great branded experiences, they need to have the right technology and compelling content. It’s an exciting time to be in the production industry.

How has the sales process changed over the course of your career? Has it changed for the better?

Early in my career, sales was more transactional than anything else. You were selling a commodity… Which was challenging. It’s not how I do business. Even then, I always tried to put ‘service’ ahead of the ‘solution’. And today, that’s what we’re seeing, Sales has become much more about building a real relationship.

Today, technology has changed everything. I think people have gotten really savvy. They know what they want. They want to know whether you’ll be able to provide that for them. This consumer-driven shift is a good thing. Information helps level the playing field. Today having the right product and value is a good start, but it’s not everything. The customer relationship, that’s what matters. Selling today is about having honest conversations, providing reliability, and building trust.

When it comes to client service, what aspects do you think are most important?

You have to get back to the basics of a relationship. And with any relationship you need to have clear, constant communication. You must be able to prove your commitment to service. But moreover, it’s about consistency. Having someone lead the charge that is involved from start to finish. No one wants to be passed around, right?

With technology today, there’s no need for that. We can stay in constant communication with our customers, ready to help whenever they need it, and we’ve got to do it in a meaningful way: Providing every customer with a point person who is knowledgeable and empowered to help them, someone who can guide them on their journey. Consistency, that’s what keeps customers happy. 

You’ve got big things planned for the evolution of massAV’s client service and sales programs, what do clients have to look forward to?

Like I said, technology is going to drastically improve how we do business. We’re already midstream on migrating our CRM solution to a more powerful platform, Hubspot, which will empower our sales and service teams to provide efficient, meaningful client experiences.

Right now we’re growing our sales team and are in the process of expanding our sales and service training curriculums. I come from the Miller Heiman school of sales training, so we’ll be implementing new strategic selling methodologies, coaching sessions, and workshops. Meaning clients will gain greater transparency into our process and feel much more apart of the journey than ever before.

Each client will have a dedicated massAV representative servicing their needs, meaning the client organization will be able to more readily access information about the projects we’re collaborating on. They will be able to provide real-time feedback, to ensure their expectations are being met. I think, overall, the delivery of our solution and the results are going to continue to evolve.

I think any company can look at what they are doing and say “we can probably do this better”, right? That’s one of the great things about massAV is that we are constantly looking at for those opportunities. Our processes are evolving, our technology is evolving, and with that means better client service, better events, better results.

We know building great client relationships is one of your passions, what are some things your passionate about outside of the office?

Well I’m a father of three young boys and they’re very, very active. So, keeping up with them is a wild-ride, it’s fantastic. I really enjoy spending time with family, I think it is so important. And I also like learning new things, trying my hand at new skills. I enjoy traveling, seeing new places, and I love playing golf. It’s important to me to have a meaningful job that fits in with my life and family and that’s one of the things that massAV was really able to provide, a real sense of work-life balance.

It’s early days at massAV, but let’s jump forward: In one years’ time, how do you hope clients view their relationships with the massAV sales team?

We keep going back to the ideas of building relationships and demonstrating reliability, but I can’t stress them enough. When it comes to live events,  video production, and live streaming, there’s no room for error.

With what we’re being asked to provide there are a lot of moving parts, both on the client service side, and on the technical production side. It takes a village to pull off any successful production, which leaves room for missed opportunities, things not getting done, or falling through the cracks.

massAV, through our expertise and commitment to customer service, has always had a reputation for overcoming those challenges. Over this next year, we’re continuing to evolve those processes in the name of building better communication, establishing greater trust and proving our reputation is well-earned through compelling results.


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