What's the Best Way to Live Stream?
April 08, 2019

What's the Best Way to Live Stream?

The news has just come down: You need to live stream or webcast your next event. Now you have to decide on the best approach. If you choose a webcast solution primarily designed for smaller groups, it may strain the resources of your internal team. Live streaming, when done well requires significant resources. So the critical question to consider is who is managing these resources? The stakes are high, and you need the right people. MAVLive, massAV’s state-of-the-art live streaming service was strategically designed to provide the technology and team to make adding live streaming to your next event as seamless as possible. Our team has several options to reach your audience no matter where they are located.

The range of MAVLive solutions will ensure that your webcast runs smoothly with 100 percent success. With our Live Shoot option, your organization will have a two-member crew and broadcast quality stream that delivers content to a custom landing page or social media platform, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch. Analytics from the landing page will include both the viewer count and engagement rate.

Our Board Room option allows us to integrate camera and graphics, such as slide shows or playback video. The three-member crew switches between two camera shots to keep your audience engagement.

When you have an in-room audience, the live event option is best with our five-member crew. With this webcast, there are in-room screens for those viewing the webcast onsite along with a branded landing page for those watching remotely. There is capability for multi-cameras to capture the audio and video. The format is often a quarterly all-hands meeting with live audience Q&A.

If you have an existing general session, we can bolt on our live event add-on option which involves a two-member crew. This package provides a custom landing page and video player.

Buyer Beware

It’s easy to find a free service that promises high-quality video and audio, seamless webcasting, and a menu of interactive capabilities, but when you dig into the details, these services are not always what they promise.

The CEO will love the return on investment of a free tool, but it’s also true that you get what you pay for. If you are planning to live stream an event, the last thing you want is technical difficulties. If the goal is to create a live stream discussion for industry insiders, it will be difficult to build an audience using a subpar solution with poor audio and video quality.

Live Streaming

Chances are you’ve experimented with live streaming solutions in the past to connect to employees for a company event or meeting. How did it go? If your team is experienced in webcasting, this might be a good choice for sharing an event, announcement, or web series with a small audience. If it didn’t go so well, you’ll probably want to find another solution. The problems you had before are not going to go away once you start and will take up a lot of staff time and effort troubleshooting.

Prosumer webcasting solutions can also be pretty limiting when it comes to quality and the number of people who can join. For high-quality audio and video, you need professional equipment and people who know how to use it.

The Best Way to Live Stream? It Depends.

Live streaming can be many things from broadcasting a quarterly all-hands meeting to sharing a general session audience with tens of thousands of viewers. The technology you need depends on the kind of event you will host, how many people will be watching, and what you will be presenting.

Production and Live Streaming Solutions

A combined live streaming solution along with production expertise gives your team an advantage. The first advantage is quality. Professional equipment and people who know how to use it results in great video and sound quality, making your company look professional and increasing the likelihood that your audience will keep watching.

The second advantage is support. No one wants to deal with online support if something goes wrong in the middle of a live stream. For a worry-free event, a webcasting solution can handle setting up, broadcasting, and breaking down while you focus on your job. If a problem should arise, they are there to troubleshoot and solve it.

The third advantage is having options. Would you like to include a presenter from a remote location, integrate your branding into the stream, or have someone work with your in-house IT department to ensure things go smoothly from start to end? A live streaming solution provides a wide range of options that make your event stand out.

The fourth advantage is reporting. Following a live stream, MAVLive provides the client with reports. These reports show, for example, how many people watched the webcast and where they are located.

Another advantage is that it saves your team time. There’s no learning curve when you hire a live streaming solution with production experience. Your team does not need to study new software, spend time setting up or breaking down, and is not getting stressed out moments before the event because the technology isn’t working. Hiring a webcasting provider allows your team to help manage the rest of the event and focus on the people, not the equipment.

massAV offers a live streaming solution with full production capabilities. If you want to learn more about the advantages of a webcasting or live streaming solution, visit MAVLive.



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