Video and the Future of Live Events
April 22, 2016

Video and the Future of Live Events

Seems like an ominous title, doesn't it? "The Future of Live Events." But when it comes to live event production, and event planning in general, forward-thinking and innovation are paramount. You can't excite an audience with yesterday's ideas or yesterday's technology. You need to think about tomorrow's.

That brings us to video. Now you may be thinking, "Video isn't new. We use that already," but it isn't about just using the tools. It's about using them in new ways to get your message across.

Utilizing video at live events means more than just sitting your audience down and having them watch a video. Videos can and should be used in different ways before, during, and after your event.

Let us elaborate.

Before the event

You can use video before an event to build up suspense and excitement for your attendees. Ask your speakers to create short videos previewing what they will be talking about that you can use on your website or on social media. This helps attendees get a better feel of what the event will be about and gives them time to prepare questions for the speakers.

Another way to get people excited about the event is to conduct a video interview with the host of the event. Have the host discuss what is new and exciting about this year’s event so that the attendees will be looking forward to your event instead of going in blind.

Finally, make videos to help out your future guests. Video topics such as, “How to get the most out of this year’s event” and “10 tips for networking at this year’s conference” will go a long way in showing your attendees that you are ready to help them.

At the event

During your actual event is a great time to not just show, but to get video footage. One way to do this is to casually interview attendees about what they have enjoyed about the event so far. This is an effective way to get real first-hand examples of the success of your events.

It is also a good idea to be filming different moments at your event. When your event is nearing its end, put together a highlight video of the best parts of your event. Share this video at the closing of your event to send your guests out on a high note.

Another great way to spread the word about your event while it is going on is to encourage attendees to take videos of their own personal experiences and post them on their own social accounts. Create a hashtag for your event and have them use it when they post a video.

After the event

You’ve done exceptional marketing leading up to and during your event so don’t let up now that your event is over. Develop a plan for how you can use the videos created during your event to help your marketing strategy after your event. Space out the postings of these videos; don’t send them out all at once. You can post them on social accounts, your own website, etc. At the end of the video make sure you include a call-to-action. Encourage the viewer to go follow your social media accounts, sign up for your email list, or register for your next event!

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “This all sounds great, but I’m not even sure I know how to turn on a video camera, let alone produce high quality videos.” Well don’t panic. Look into hiring a qualified event production company to worry about the video production so you can focus on the million other things that need your attention as the event planner. This way you will be fully prepared to incorporate video into your future events to make them stand out above the rest!



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