Three Ways to Extend Your Impact Post-Event with the Live Event Life Cycle
March 27, 2014

Three Ways to Extend Your Impact Post-Event with the Live Event Life Cycle

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You spent many hours and an immeasurable amount of effort to make your attendees’ event experience a success. Now take the next step to ensure that it is more than just a single moment in time by engaging your community.

So how can you extend the impact of your event after everyone goes home?

Ask for Honest Feedback

Try to get some feedback from your colleagues and peers. This might seem like a simple thing to do, but feedback is your best friend when it comes to planning your next event. We’ve been touching upon this throughout this series.

Invest in Video to Extend Your Reach

The Event Life Cycle is a circular, on-going, perpetual succession. You may have already used video throughout the event with your video invitation, your opening video experience, and your webcasting throughout, but we recommend that you don’t stop there.

You can re-purpose this content and make a quick event highlight video to showcase the most memorable moments. The video can live for an indefinite amount of time on your website or even on a social media outlet.

Turn Your Live Event Into a Digital One

You may want to think about having a post-event video message produced. In this message you could thank everyone for coming and get them pumped for the next event. The video could link to a poll/Q&A while also teasing the next event’s location or theme. These steps will extend your events’ reach and overall impact.

We hope that you take some of what you’ve gathered from this series to better engage your community. Put everything you’ve learned about the Event Life Cycle towards your next event experience; you will be ecstatic with the results.

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