The Six Tenets of the massAV Value Proposition
October 04, 2017

The Six Tenets of the massAV Value Proposition

Stop us if you've heard this one before: massAV is committed to the success of our clients. It's a platitude you've seen a million times from a thousand companies, and you're probably at the point where you tune it out. But the difference is that we live this commitment, and we don't apply it as it suits us.

Our value proposition has been honed over years of serving clients, and we've refined it so that we can ensure we're always providing that value. So what makes up the massAV value proposition, you ask? We're glad you did.

Our Tenets

We provide customized production solutions

We have never been a cookie cutter bunch at massAV. We come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, and we've been melding our skills and passions for years to produce stellar, engaging live shows. And videos. And animations.

We firmly believe you're only limited by your imagination (and sometimes your budget), but your event or corporate video shouldn't look like you’ve compromised in anyway. It should be designed on-point and within budget. And we help to ensure that end result by applying a unique, customized process to production. Our experience and best-practices are standard operations, but our approach to the solution is always fresh and relevant to your message, your culture and the experience of your audience.

Our process is transparent

We don't take your money, a handful of ideas and disappear two weeks before dropping the final result into your lap. We'll take the time to go through our custom process with you, explaining steps, timelines, and what we need from you to ensure a successful final product. At every stage of planning and production, you’ll feel connected and up to date on every step we take. You'll also be firmly in the loop, just like every member of the team should be.

We deliver your vision

Our expertise allows us to guide your vision and provide compelling ideas to your executive and event teams, and we're not shy about sharing that. But at the end of the day, we're looking to mold and execute on your vision, creating a live event, webcast, or video that delivers your messaging, interests and engages your audiences, and helps you meet your business goals.

Your success matters

massAV invests in the success of your initiative, and we have the background in marketing, sales and analytics to ensure the final deliverable is well-positioned to maximize that success. That begins with brainstorming and conception, where we'll collect your initiative goals and definitions for success and make them central to our process. We don't just create a packaged video or event staging plan, we build them out with your success in mind, and we ensure that success is well-defined and well-met.

We take responsibilities off your plate to save you time and keep you focused

This is one tenet so many of our clients appreciate. We don't want your executives and events team tied up in the minutiae of event planning and execution, not when you need to effectively promote the event, manage internal stakeholders, and stay on top of the big picture messaging and deliverables you'll need to ensure success. We let your executives know what is affordable and possible, tell your events team how we'll work to support them, and then execute the work confidently and carefully so you don't have to.

We love our jobs and our team

A job is a job, and you can certainly tell when the team you're working with isn't passionate about the work. When you're looking for help pulling off major initiatives, you want passion that only comes from loving what you do. We truly love the process of creation and production, and finding innovative solutions to all of your challenges, and we share that passion across our entire team. You'll see it in every step of the process, and certainly in the final product.

That's what massAV provides. If you'd like to learn more about our value proposition and the work we do for you, contact us!