The Importance of Live Event Audio
February 12, 2020

The Importance of Live Event Audio

Having great sound at your live events is essential to conveying your company’s message effectively. If the sound is muddled, at the wrong volume, or is not right for the room, the audience will notice, impacting their impression of the event and your company.

Watch the latest Backstage Pass, "The Importance of Live Event Audio"

In the most recent episode of Backstage Pass, massAV’s LinkedIn Live video series, Senior Project Managers Jon-Paul Royer and Steve “Shep” Shepard share their insights on the importance of live event audio and review key terms of the trade so you’ll be in the know when planning your next event.

“It represents your brand,” Shepard said about live event audio. “If you don’t have good sound and you’re not able to connect to that audience member, you’re losing them."

Bad audio can take the audience out of the moment, Royer said. No one wants their audiences thinking about the sound instead of the message.

“We’ve all been to a show and there’s bad audio and the first thing you want to do is leave,” said Royer. “If the CEO is up there speaking you want people engaged, not looking at their watches.”

Watch the episode here, or head to the massAV LinkedIn page to share with your network.

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