February 01, 2018

Why You Need to Use a Studio for Your Next Webcast

It might not seem like it at first blush, but webcasts are a delicate art comprising countless elements, all of which need to go well to make a webcast a success. Taking on a webcast in-house might seem like the cheap and easy option if you only need to simulcast a single event, but there are a few variables that could potentially undermine the legitimacy of your live stream—and no one wants that!

With audiences tuning in from near and far, it’s paramount that your webcast goes off without a hitch. Here are some of the many reasons why using a third party webcast studio is preferable to in-house webcasts.

Technical Glitches

Using a professional service greatly reduces the chance for things to go wrong. But some technical glitches are inevitable even in a professional setting—that’s just the reality of using technology. The difference is that a professional studio and team can anticipate and prevent those errors.

In the case that something does go wrong, it’s a huge relief to have a full-service team of professionals on site, willing and able to fix whatever is broken. Webcasts can make for stressful environments, but the peace of mind that comes with using a studio and knowing your webcast is in capable hands is second to none.

Lighting and Acoustics

Having the right lighting and the best acoustics for your webcast is imperative. A poorly lit set and terrible sound quality are less than ideal for production. Simply put, your online audience won’t be able to receive your message if the quality of your production isn’t up to snuff.

To achieve the best possible results, you should seek out a studio with turnkey capabilities, like a soundstage and control room. Working in a full-service studio simplifies production of a live or recorded webcast while simultaneously enhancing the quality of the results.


A webcast studio is a superior alternative to tracking down and purchasing or renting the necessary equipment. Streamline the production process by hiring a webcast solution service that already possesses all of the top-of-the-line equipment and the knowledge and skills to use it, and you won’t need to get by with a shaky webcam and a klieg light.

Internet Connection

You want a glitch-free live stream or recording, and the realities of wonky Wi-Fi are bound to shatter this dream. You know it’s true!

Internet connections are notoriously unreliable. That's especially true during those times that you absolutely need a solid connection to webcast. The solution? Yup, you guessed it: A third party webcast service. A production company like massAV can guarantee consistent internet connection, which means one less thing to worry about.

A webcast is one of those times where you want to put your best foot forward and get your message across to your audience in the clearest, most impressive manner possible. To minimize distractions, technical glitches, and avoid poor quality entirely, consider contacting a webcast solution service.