How To Shape Your Company's Messaging with Video
October 28, 2016

How To Shape Your Company's Messaging with Video

Video messaging is the way of both the present and the future, as we're all aware. There are times, though, where you can feel at a loss as to how to use video. And that's a shame given that it can be one of the most powerful methods you have of communicating your company's messaging.

But where to start? There are several contexts within which you can shape your company's messaging with video. Here are a few of our favorites:

Homepage video

You may be hesitant to add video to your website for fear of slowing down site loading time and obscuring some of your text content. You need not worry if you have video compression software like Movavi or WinXDVD that can make the file size manageable.

And if you're concerned about overwhelming other content, look at it this way: Nobody's going to miss a video front and center on your website. That makes it an ideal place to dive in on your company's mission, values, and appeal; and a great way to tell your brand story in a simple, digestible format.

While live action video is the most frequently chosen route, animation can be an equally powerful way to do this. For example, on the massAV homepage we added a brief animated video that outlines our services and mission statement in a fun, engaging way.

Product videos

What better way to showcase your products and services than to show them in action? You can gussy up products in static images and write great copy to describe them, sure, but nothing conveys why a customer has to have it more than a video. HubSpot points out that those who watch a video are 64% more likely to buy a product online after doing so, and that's a number you can work with.

Be sure to read up on our tips for making your products shine via video, too.

Q&As and FAQs

Particularly if you're a customer service-focused brand, Q&A and FAQ videos can be a great way to let your clients know how open and accessible you are, and to answer long-standing questions about your company and potentially dispel harmful myths. Just be sure that if you put someone from your team in front of the camera, they're engaging, comfortable, and capable of handling odd questions.

While it can be scary to cede absolute control of the setting and quality of your video, live chats (on Facebook Live, for example) can be a great way to make customers feel connected to your brand and to humanize your team, and they require very little setup.

Oh yeah, and a great message

All of these video types can be powerful for your company's messaging...assuming you've developed effective messaging in the first place. That starts with having consistent talking points, a mastery of your company's appeal and advantages, and a good idea of how to communicate your messaging visually.

To get started, pull together key parties from all over the company, from the senior executives who know the company inside and out to those who develop and sell your products and services. Use this time to hammer out the message, how you'll deliver it, and who should be responsible for doing so. Then look into whether you have the means to handle your video internally or need to outsource.

If you need help massaging that messaging or producing compelling video, reach out to us!




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