Putting Value In the Projection Mapping Experience
January 11, 2017

Putting Value In the Projection Mapping Experience

massAV recently delivered a projection mapping experience for one of their top technology clients in Washington D.C., and it dazzled. The opening video was a perfect example of how 3D animation production can create mesmerizing optical illusions on simple flat surfaces arranged within the set design.

Most clients understand projection mapping as an expensive and laborious proposition. In today’s economy, it often times is immediately dismissed as “out of budget.”

For good reason, because it is no surprise that high quality projection mapping is heavily dependent on several high quality components combined.

Firstly, the animation must be dynamic. Your surfaces and projectors won’t save you if your animation art isn’t up to par. Secondly, the projection surfaces are most often custom built and we all know that custom scenic always costs big money. And lastly, the technology that delivers the “wow” is amongst the most innovative and expensive technology in AV. Depending on the complexity of the mapping surfaces, these costs will add up quickly.

The teams at massAV looked at this from several angles trying to find a perfect solution that was both immersive, affordable and repeatable.

“It’s interesting because the current understanding has always been ‘the more immersive experience you want, the more money it will cost, and that is partially true by nature. But we always keep great ideas aligned with value and in this case, simple was better,” Peter Gentile, Director of Sales at massAV, said.

The answer? Simplify the surfaces and ramp up the animation. Working with this client’s brand design, a multi-panel projection area was arranged with a 11 x 32 foot screen in the center. With an abundance of animation talent and experience, the massAV creative group then built animation sequences that not only enhanced those surfaces but created optical illusions that transformed them.

The result was an eye-popping opening experience that didn’t pop the client’s budget, as you'll see below.

Projection Mapping Shapes

Accentuate shapes…

Projection Mapping Example

Blur the lines…

Great Projection Mapping

Then make them disappear.




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