Ready to Go Backstage? Watch Our New LinkedIn Live Series
January 07, 2020

Ready to Go Backstage? Watch Our New LinkedIn Live Series

Introducing Backstage Pass, the new LinkedIn Live series from massAV – New England’s event, video and live stream production company!

For over 40 years, our team of production experts have collaborated with our clients to bring their events and videos to life. Through the decades our team has amassed knowledge, honed skills, and cultivated a commitment to the audience experience to make every massAV production unlike any other.

It’s these valuable contributions by our staff that have proven to be an invaluable resources for the events, marketing, and business leaders we serve - and thanks to livestreaming we can now share these insights with more event and marketing professionals than ever before!

That’s why we created Backstage Pass: Your Ticket to All Things Production.

Hosted by massAV Marketing Manager Nic DiBella, Backstage Pass will take you behind the scenes of the world of events video and streaming. Each month we’ll feature members of our incredible team to:

  • Explore trends affecting the events and marketing industries
  • Provide production best practices
  • Share valuable learnings from our work in the field


Our first episode, "The Value of Professional Lighting," featured an interview with massAV Lighting Designer Tiago-Degen Portnoy. Tiago showcased what separates good lighting from bad, the key components to a basic lighting setup, and how new lighting technologies are creating memorable event experiences for modern audiences.

Be sure to subscribe to massAV’s company page on LinkedIn to catch the next episode of Backstage Pass, airing live later this month.



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