Stay Home and Entertained with the massAV Team's Favorite Movies
April 20, 2020

Stay Home and Entertained with the massAV Team's Favorite Movies

During these challenging times, everyone is doing their part to 'flatten the curve' of COVID19 cases around the world. One of the best ways we can help is by staying home to limit the spread of the virus.

So to help keep you entertained during this period of 'social distancing' we've compiled a list of the best movies we've seen during the quarantine and provided links to where you can watch or rent them! 

Knives Out Pat

Pat's Favorite Quarantine Movie: Knives Out

Why? Any movie that has some mystery and intrigue I enjoy. This is a classic "Who dun it" but with a political statement as well. Depending on your sense of humor the "throwing up" scenes are funny! So is the scene when Marta comes down the trellis and looks in the window!

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime Video, Vudu

French Connection Leo

Leo’s Favorite Quarantine Movie: The French Connection

Why? For some reason I’ve been on a gritty 70s crime drama kick lately, and this one’s the best of the best.  It’s got some of the best-edited sequences of all time.  Not the most uplifting these days, though!

Where can you watch it? Hulu, Amazon Prime

Ip Man Nic

Nic’s Favorite Quarantine Movie: Ip Man

Why? This film blends the classic elements of a Martial Arts film with the dramatic stakes of a really well produced biopic – focused on Ip Man, a master in the martial art of Wing Chun and future teacher/mentor of superstar Bruce Lee. Starring Hong Kong actor, producer, martial artist Donnie Yen – this movie will have your eyes glued to the screen from minute one!

Where can you watch it? Netflix

Princess Bride Rich

Rich’s Favorite Quarantine Movie: The Princess Bride

Why? It reminds me that whole quarantine is a drag at least there are no R-O-U-S’s. Also it’s one of the most quotable movies ever.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime

Gremlins Mark

Mark’s favorite Quarantine Movie: Gremlins

Why? Classic 80’s movie that is still entertaining over 30 years later.  Really enjoy seeing all of the antics and chaos created by the gremlins when they overrun the town.  Could be done much better today with CGI, but the gremlin puppets definitely add to the comedy horror effect.  Just might have to pick up Gremlins2 to share with my son!

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime, Vudu

Dumb and Bobby

Bob’s Favorite Quarantine Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Why? It’s a classic turn off your brain and relax and laugh movie. So many good scenes stand out but I always crack up when they are by the water and Harry is freezing and Lloyd says take my extra gloves my hands are hot. Just one example of the lowbrow humor of the movie. Also one of the most quotable movies in the last 30 years.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime Video, Xfinity on Demand

Onward Rob

Rob's Favorite Quarantine Movie: Onward

Why? Some awesome visual animation with a quite a few well known voices, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Ratzenberger, and Wilmer Valderrama. The movie is a family adventure with it’s fantasy characters being teenage Elf brothers on a quest to spend one more day with their late father through the magic of a wizards staff and a spell. I watched it with my 3 teenage daughters and wife and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end of the movie! Well worth the time.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime, Disney Plus



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