How to Make Your Corporate Video Unique
August 25, 2016

How to Make Your Corporate Video Unique

A corporate video is an absolute must for every company in 2016, and with good reason. Start with the fact that 50% of executives will look for more information about your products and services after watching a video about your company. Or how about that 90% of people surveyed by Hyperfine Media said videos are helpful in their decision-making processes.

Any way you slice it, quality product tutorials, company promos, and other corporate videos are often your best chance to make a good impression on a website visitor.

The question is, how do you get that corporate video right? After over 40 years spent helping companies tell their stories through video, we've picked up a few creative ways to create them, and that's something many companies do struggle with. We're happy to share those tips with you here.

Get Creative with Videography

One of the best ways to stand out from the pack is to do something memorable with your videography, or at least something new and different. Many corporate videos feature wide-angle shots of offices and products, with the talking heads of senior staff taking up a considerable amount of airtime. It may tell the story of your company effectively, but it's not visually engaging.

Instead, try out some creative video elements, like brief bursts of animation, employees working and engaging with one another, or your products in action to capture more of the essence of what you do.

Use tight shots to ensure the eye is drawn to the most important elements, and consider adding tracking shots or motion to make the video feel more dynamic.

If you're going to have members of your team talking, consider having them function as a voiceover for elements of the video, or at least keep the shots of them talking against a sterile backdrop to a minimum. You want to capture—and keep—your audience's interest.

Use Unique Voices

A voiceover isn't unique in and of itself, but the voice you choose can be. Consider a humorous (perhaps even sarcastic) choice if it fits your company's vibe, or a relaxed and casual storyteller who makes your viewer feel like they're in the same room while watching the video.

In short, your video can have personality if the person doing the voiceover is personable. Consider your voiceover artist carefully, and don't feel you have to have a monotone just because you're putting together a corporate video.

Implement Interactivity

Clever production and voiceovers are a good start, but is your video interactive enough to drive action from your audience? Consider 360 degree views of your workspace, language options, pop-up links, and options that allow for viewers to leave comments while watching and immediately after viewing.

You want to ensure viewers who want to be able to manipulate video and feel a part of every audio/visual experience can do so, and ensure they don't just walk away from your brand after watching.

Control of the Experience

You want to curate the video experience for your viewer, but you also want them to feel they have some control over how they consume your corporate video. Make it easy for them to fine-tune the volume, rewind or fast forward, and generally customize the experience the way they like it. Note that choosing a video hosting service that fits your needs is a critical part of this effort.

With the right production, editing and creative spirit, your corporate video can shine. Best of luck!




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