Live Event Staging: What Kind of Set Do You Need?
January 26, 2015

Live Event Staging: What Kind of Set Do You Need?

Staging and set design and has one major function: to create an environment that enhances the important content of your presentations.

There are several factors that will help determine your staging needs, including:

  • The number of attendees
  • The size of the space
  • Your overall budget
  • Your event’s look and feel

Determining how your stage will look is critical to how your audience will perceive the messages coming from the stage.

Identifying Your Event Staging Priorities

Do you have impressive video assets to show off? Then you’ll probably get a lot of value from a large screen or even a multiple screen look.

If a more atmospheric setting will help set the right tone, then you should consider a set design that has the ability to take on various color tones, event branding and moods depending on what the topic of discussion may be at any given time.

Hard set pieces or neutral fabrics that can be colored with lighting is a great start. There are many technologies that can achieve both color palate options and hold content as well, such as LED panels, surface projections or even event-branded stage signage.

Think About Your Audience

We don’t just mean in terms of messaging. The best event stages should make the most appropriate impression on your audience.

You may want to bring the “wow” or you may want to be more understated. Knowing how your audience may react to either a lavish or simple stage setting is important in getting to the perfect feel for the room.

Think About Your Presenters

You’ve got presenters and guest speakers that you want to both impress and make comfortable.

It can be very nerve wracking to be on stage in front of an audience. Make things comfy for your presenters. It’s always important that they can see their presentations at the end of the stage. These are called confidence monitors because they help the speaker to be confident.

Create a nice environment for your presenters with a well lit and spacious podium, audio monitors, laser pointers, slide advancers, bottled water, etc., and always allow as much rehearsal time as you can for each presenter.

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