What You Should Look For In A Live Event Production Company
August 16, 2017

What You Should Look For In A Live Event Production Company

Here's a simple, brutal truth about live event production: It is difficult. There are many elements, from messaging to staging to design, that must be combined to make a seamless whole. When the seams do show, your audience will notice, and that can dull the impact of your event considerably.

Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. Should you decide to hire a live event production company, you'll be able to work closely with a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner who can make things much easier. That's assuming you choose the right company, of course, and that's what we're here to discuss today.

We've outlined many reasons you might choose a production partner in the past, and we highly recommend you mull that over before hiring. Once you've decided to hire a live event production company, though, what should you look for in the candidates you speak with?


Like any good partner, your live event production company should be able to bring great ideas to the table. If you're starting with only a rough sketch of an idea for your event, a good production company will be able to work with you to craft a compelling theme and messaging that supports that theme, as well as how everything's going to look when it comes together. Being able to translate that vision, no matter how ambitious, into reality is also greatly simplified by having an experienced partner.

The production company you work with should be able to bring all the meaningful pieces of your vision together into what we at massAV define as an Experience, capital letter intended. Our clients are looking for a partner that can both bring ideas to the table and integrate the branding, messaging, products & services, and culture into one experience that will prove unforgettable.

Even if you're set to work in a very narrow, exhaustively debated framework mandated by your company executives, a partner with vision can make suggestions to improve that framework.

Staging Expertise

Say you've worked out the vision, and you know exactly how things are going to come together at your event. Now you need to turn those sketches and grand ideas into the essentials of a live event. That includes a stage, lighting, projection, audio, and all the other technical and physical elements that must come together before and during your event. With an experienced production company, you can be assured every member of your team has been responsible for setting up, running, and breaking down dozens or even hundreds of events like yours.


This is particularly valuable if you're looking to host a large event at a hotel, facility, or function hall. Any production company worth their salt will have familiarity with venues in their area, and the expertise to advise on venue selection across the country. That means familiarity with the space you're working in and any limitations it may have, local labor (more on that in a moment), and connections with venue staff.

Expert Staff

The day of the event, you'll need assurance that everything's going to go off without a hitch, and that starts with people. Managing a live event is a complex process even if everything is perfectly set up, and there's the pesky matter that setup rarely goes as smoothly as you'd like.

There's also the option of local labor through your venue, and we won't discourage you from exploring that. We will say that if you're working with a production company, they'll better understand your needs, and will invariably have the ability to provide or hire the most qualified people to work your event. That means peace of mind, and it's hard to put a dollar value on that.

Comprehensive Solutions

Ultimately, you're hiring a live event production company because they can handle your myriad needs, from the exhaustive planning of the event to the actual execution. Your ideal live event production company takes a lot of the work out of your hands and lets you focus on driving home the message and inspiring the audience, which should always be your focus. If you want things done right from start to finish, you should research and bring aboard a production company you trust.


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