Live Event Life Cycle Phase 1: Pre-Event Awareness - massAV
February 10, 2014

Live Event Life Cycle Phase 1: Pre-Event Awareness - massAV

You’ve been planning your live event for months now. You’re completely immersed in the project, working day and night to get everything right, and toiling over the smallest details.

All this prep work is essential, but before the big day, what is your audience seeing? You might be excited about the event, but what do they know about it at this point in the process?

Hook Attendees Early

While you’ve been working and planning and prepping, the attendees have only seen the registration page. But it’s at this stage of the event life cycle that we can take the opportunity to increase awareness and excitement.

Start a Social Media Registration Campaign

By adding social media integration and networking forums to your event marketing materials, your attendees begin a dialogue that keeps them invested in the event long before they arrive on-site.

Grow Excitement Before Your Live Event

Sending out video and digital messages about content, sessions taking place on-site, and even the general level of excitement building around the event will continue to keep the attendees engaged and invested.

Build a Community Around Your Event

These tools all aid in the building of a community that now has an increased awareness of and interest in your event. By engaging your attendees early, you're helping to extend a one-day event into a long-term conversation.

In the next installment of our Event Life Cycle series we will cover attending the live event and what role that plays in the overall experience and life cycle.

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