Top 10 Questions with Executive Video Producer, Leo Bonarrigo
February 18, 2020

Top 10 Questions with Executive Video Producer, Leo Bonarrigo

5 Fun & 5 Focused Queries That Will Help You Get to Know massAV’s newest team member

1. Can you explain what an Executive Video Producer does?

Like most roles, it can change by the day and depends on the company and medium, but essentially my role as EP here at massAV is to lead the Video Production department from both a logistical and creative perspective, and to shepard all video projects from start to finish. So, externally, I’m working directly with our clients from day one to help them conceptualize and execute effective and engaging video content that meets their marketing goals. Internally, I’m managing staff, budgets, and workflows to ensure that our stellar video team is functioning at their creative best.

2. If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would you treat yourself?

I’d buy up a bunch of land on Martha’s Vineyard and build a big Kennedy-style compound for family and friends to come and go as they please.

3. Why is video so important for brands today?

I’d go one step further and say that video isn’t just important for brands today, it’s essential. We all know - both from the countless marketing statistics floating around and from our own experience - that video is by far the best way to communicate with your audience, regardless of your industry or marketing goals. What’s most important these days is for marketers to keep video top-of-mind and integrate video content into their marketing framework from the earliest stage possible. And, consider engaging with a production partner early in the process to ensure that they fully understand your business and are working towards all of your goals. It’s a slight bit of extra work up front, but crucial to video marketing success.

4. What is your favorite line from a TV show or movie?

I find myself quoting The Sopranos way too much, but that’s not really appropriate here, so I’ll go with my obscure, nerd pick that needs some context. There’s a British miniseries from about 15 years ago called Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, which is absolutely brilliant and hilarious (go watch it if you can - trust me). The central conceit is that it’s a show about a fictional show from the 80s that was never released, and includes present-day commentary from the key players involved. When discussing the mysterious disappearance of one of the show’s stars, the Producer sums it up with, “but then again, she was like a candle in the wind...unreliable…” You probably have to watch to get it, but it makes me giggle every time I think of it.

5. You’re a seasoned video producer, what’s one pitfall brands can avoid when making their first/next video?

To me, the biggest mistake I see marketers make time and time again is not having a distribution strategy for their video content. It’s simply not enough to just put your video in one place online, not optimize it for the platform, and not have any mechanisms to track engagement (beyond simple view count). With so many earned, owned, and paid channels to leverage, and so many analytics tools available to marketers today, it’s essential to maximize the potential of each piece of content you create.

6. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I worked at a bar by Fenway Park during college, starting with the 2004 season. This was the height of the rivalry with the Yankees and the year of “reversing the curse.” The job itself wasn’t particularly weird, but I definitely saw a whole lot of weird and wild stuff go down during that period.

7. The media landscape is in a state of constant flux, what trends to see on the horizon for video in the next few years?

Well, new formats and platforms are constantly emerging, so marketers are going to stay on top of changing needs - not only in deliverables and specs, but in context as well. Brand consistency is paramount, but we’ll always need to keep in mind the audience experience specific to each touchpoint. What is your audience doing when they see this video? Scrolling through their LinkedIn feed or Instagram stories? Seeing it as a YouTube Pre-Roll ad? Seeing it on a 100-foot screen at your live event? Viewing it as a display ad? Or did they actively search for this piece of content on your website? Each one of those experiences requires a slightly different - but brand-consistent - approach to be effective.

8. Which app on your phone do you use the most?

The Camera - though obviously that’s a lot more than just an app. And Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and industry trends.

9. You recently took over massAV’s video production team, what kind of changes can clients look forward to when working with us?

I think our team’s combination of experience, creativity, and technical know-how really sets up apart in the space. There’s a fantastic atmosphere of collaboration and information-sharing across all disciplines here at massAV, and we’re uniquely poised to leverage all of the resources we have in-house to remain on the cutting edge of new video technologies and experiences.

My goal is always to develop relationships with our clients that extend past one project - so we’re not merely a one-off vendor, but a trusted partner and advisor that can help our clients execute long-term marketing strategies using the power of video.

10. When you have an hour of free time, how do you spend it?

I’m a relatively new dad - my son just turned 1 - so pretty much all of my time is spent chasing him around, which is tons of fun.



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