How to Build Company Culture With Digital Events & Videos
September 05, 2013

How to Build Company Culture With Digital Events & Videos

We’ve been talking a lot about corporate communications lately, because we believe that building relationships is crucial to growing your business. But it's not only the relationships with clients that matter.

Strong internal communications are critical to the success of your business and it's impossible to build a strong company culture without them.

Thoughtful Communications Promote Strong Teams

Though we all work for a living, many HR surveys indicate that pay ranks as the number two reason employees come to work. Number one is for a sense of being valued and making a meaningful contribution.

Simply put: A happy, inspired, motivated team makes your company better. So how can you help promote such a company culture through internal communications?

Start with Your Annual Kickoff

Many of our clients hold yearly kick-off events to motivate and inspire their internal teams. Whenever massAV works on these events, we look for ways to wrap the content in an engaging and creative format. This helps the audience (employees) understand that they are a vital part of the company’s future.

The following case studies are great examples of how digital event productions and creative web videos can bring new life to your your internal corporate communications.

Consider Digital Event Productions

One of our clients is a large manufacturer of children’s toys and games. Every  year they hold a week-long event for training and new product introductions. The event is essential for education and communication, yet the budgetary constraints of flying the entire team in was becoming prohibitively expensive.

Our proposal: bring the meeting to them in a way they have never experienced before. Rather than flying the team out, we created an immersive digital event to meet them where they are.

Bolster Engagement with Online Interactive Experiences

Our new approach was to make their regular kick-off event into an online, interactive experience. We designed a web portal that, at its core, was a playful representation of a small town.

There was the town hall, a school, a day care center, and even a bucolic little neighborhood dotted with homes. Attendees registered to become a “citizen” of this virtual town, then set about exploring the neighborhood. Strolling from building to building was how meeting attendees could learn about all the new offerings, right from their desks!

Get Your Message Across with Live Web Videos

Attendees could visit the town hall to see the general session’s  creative video production of a webcast live from a stage whose set mirrored the playful look of the town hall.

Then they could head to the school to watch video demos of the latest educational toys; visit a home and see what the kids are playing with; or walk into the day care center to check out the latest offerings for the pre-school set.

The client loved our unique and budget-friendly approach, and attendees loved that they could learn all about their new product offerings in a fun and engaging way.

Merge Creative Videos with Live Events for Extra Drama

Another client, in the medical devices field, wanted their employees to embrace a new directive the company was preparing for in the upcoming fiscal year. The initiative was given a “special ops” vibe and the employees would be made to feel a member of an elite team, commissioned to reach the company’s objectives.

This live event was kicked off with a creative video opener that set the stage for the operation. In disguise, the “members” of the special ops unit made their way through obstacles as the leader mapped out the strategy for the coming year. At the conclusion of the video the special ops team made a dramatic live entrance into the meeting room, removed their headgear and revealed themselves as the business unit leaders.

Using a creative approach to communicate the objectives for the company to their internal audience not only captured their attention but it also communicated a sense of teamwork from the leadership.

Taking advantage of these technologies in a mindful and creative way can ensure your employees are engaged, motivated and active contributors to your company’s success.

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