A Guide to Living Your Core Values
July 24, 2017

A Guide to Living Your Core Values

Most companies have a few public statements that serve as principles of operation, whether those be mission statements, value propositions or core values. These are typically one or two sentences that define a certain business intent, differentiating fact or code of conduct for your company. They are important in defining how a business fits into their industry and more importantly, society as a whole.

Core values stand out amongst these corporate statements because they typically define a moral compass that a company follows as they present themselves both internally and externally.

What are the cultural characteristics that you look for in a business partner, a vendor or a services provider? Do you simply want price/performance in your services, or are you looking for partners that share your sense of “corporate humanity?”

In today’s business landscape, you can be sure that price/performance is a significant part of a value proposition, but corporate core values are a rising concern and many companies are spending considerable time defining them as part of their business persona.

When we think of “service,” we really start to explore what “good service” really is. Sure, it’s cost-conscious, it’s timely, it’s quality. These things are quickly becoming par for the course as we compare one service provider with the next. But your vendors and partners are a big part of a human experience, as well as a commercial experience. So, you look for human qualities that show that your business partners care about not only the bottom line but the people involved in the process as well.

At massAV, we take our core values as seriously as our technological and creative services.

They are equal to the promises we make to our clients on delivering flawlessly executed events and media. They define how we relate to our customers and ourselves.

So, when you are in that search for a vendor or a service provider partner, look at their capabilities, measure their quality and efficiencies, and definitely consider their humanity. Look for those core values and understand that even though quality and performance may be top notch, we need more as human beings.

We need that promise that a partnership will be based on more than just what the budget defines, and that it will feature both teams working together as people. The subsequent success will be celebrated together.



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