Four Creative Video Editing Tips to Increase Product Sales
August 18, 2015

Four Creative Video Editing Tips to Increase Product Sales

Your audience is busy. But you’ve got a product that you want to get in front of them. You need to get their attention with quick, easily digestible content that doesn’t require much effort on their part.

Creative Video is a Powerful Selling Tool

Enter video. Peer-to-peer networks like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are increasingly focused on making video accessible. That means the potential for exponentially greater visibility for your product.

So don't miss out. Here are a few tips to consider during your ongoing quest to get video right.

1) Beauty Shots of Your Product

People love beauty shots of a product; so make sure you get plenty of them from all angles. Think about any commercial you’ve seen for restaurants or fast food places.

Within ten seconds you’re salivating because of how absolutely gorgeous that burger and fries look. You must have them.

Do the same for your product.

Here are a few pro tips you can use to enhance your beauty product shots:

  • Use a clean unobstructed background.
  • If using a high resolution static image, “push” in to the product during the editing process to bring some movement to your still photos.
  • Identify areas of your product that you wish to spotlight, like the key features that differentiate your product from others. Text label those areas.

"Yeah, but," you say. "My product is software, what do I do now? I don’t have a physical thing to feature in those beauty shots!"

No worries, friendly internet blog reader! Our answer for you is this:

2)  Simple Animations

That’s right. Animations. They can take any difficult-to-visualize product and bring it to life. Animations can serve to supplement live footage or they can stand on their own.

Just remember that while flashy is fun and eye catching, don’t let your product get lost in the fray. Your product is what we’re selling here, not the animation.

Tell your animation or video partner that you want this to be ‘on brand.’ Start having a conversation about what that means to you and what it means for your featured product.

Here are a few pro tips for using animation when there are few visual assets available:

  • Use Camtasia footage. Camtasia is great for software demos because it lets you record your on-screen activity, then edit and enhance your content.
  • Screen caps work similarly and can be use to highlight specific use cases or provide instructions.
  • Play around with AfterEffects templates that are designed to deliver still images within a captivating design context.
  • Voice over narration brings a human element to your animations.

3. Consider the Content Delivery

Think about the various delivery platforms that will be hosting your video and what unique approaches they each may require. How will that delivery affect the viewers experience?

Here are a few delivery considerations as you work with your video production partner:

  • YouTube automatically compresses video files so be careful about your compression levels so you don’t get “over compressed.”
  • Online content is often viewed in small screen mode. Make sure your titles are clear and large so they can be seen in small windows players.
  • Music: it's best to open and close with a music bed, but be wary that music under your entire content could be distracting.

4) Think Outside the Box, Cross the Line, Don’t Look Back

Don’t be afraid to get creative and different. Prime example? Old Spice. They took something every man inherently needs to fight underarm perspiration and MADE us want to fight it with Old Spice. They made their brand—their product—unforgettable.

You don’t have to get quite so extravagant, but don’t be afraid to explore different options.

The key takeaway here is to embrace your uncertainty and your fears. Find a strong partner who can talk through this process with you and work with you to find the best solution for your goals.

Success isn’t measured by how shiny something is, but that polish sure doesn’t hurt. You’ve got the product and the message—now create a viewing experience your audience will remember.

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