The Difference Between Live Streaming and Being Live
May 03, 2018

The Difference Between Live Streaming and Being Live

Have you ever watched a company’s live stream of an event and immediately wondered how on earth they achieved such clean video and audio? Well, wonder no more—we have the answers, and they are a lot more intuitive than you might think.

What Makes a Video “Live?”

Let’s get this out of the way: those perfectly shot and edited live videos probably aren’t produced by employees who possess some supernatural ability to capture live events on film. They probably didn’t grow up in a household where the family pastime was creating live stream video and chances are slim that they majored in live stream video in college. They simply made the conscious decision to pre-record, edit, and then broadcast their video as “live.”

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s dig into the details. Just because something is advertised as “live” doesn’t mean it’s being recorded in real-time. The difference between live streaming and being live is knowing what you want: a polished video without any mistakes or an unedited and unpredictable live stream that allows for real-time commenting.

Being Live

The two approaches can produce very different results. Being live can look and feel raw and transparent while also creating the opportunity for audience interaction in the comments section. Keep in mind that with a real-time live stream, there’s always a tradeoff to be made between authenticity and the potential for a jittery feed or a misspoken word. Having a professional team on your side mitigates those risks, but it doesn’t eliminate them.

The most important aspect of a truly live piece is the potential for real-time audience interaction. If you want your presenter(s) to be asked questions by audience members across the world right there and then, and have them be able to answer them, you simply must go live. There is an alternative if that is not a major concern, however.

Live Streaming

If you don’t want to leave any room for mistakes or simply want a fine coat of polish on your “live” video, you have another option. Many companies prefer to brainstorm, produce, pre-record, and edit their videos before broadcasting them as a live stream or airing them on an on-demand archive. This allows you to refine the quality of the video, eliminate mistakes, and also add some customized branding with watermarks and logos. The final result will look a bit more professional and allow for customization you simply can’t do when truly live.

Creating Live Video For Your Brand

The choice to live stream or go live depends on how you want to present your brand to your online audience. While both approaches have their pitfalls and benefits, you now understand the difference between the two and the choice is yours.

If you need help planning or executing either type of video, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends at massAV! We can help.



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