3 Questions to Ask Before Booking Live Streaming Solutions
May 06, 2019

3 Questions to Ask Before Booking Live Streaming Solutions

Live streaming an event can be a high-stress situation if you’re not a professional. It’s a delicate balancing act between meeting the needs of the presenter, the audience in the room, the online audience, and the executive team who expect flawless execution. Managing challenges with the webcasting solution is a headache you don’t need and one that can be avoided if you ask the right questions before the event.

With so many live streaming solutions to choose from, it’s important to know the significant differences between them, so we’ve put together a list of topics we discuss with our clients before an event to ensure the one you select meets your needs.

1. What Are Your Technical Capabilities

Most live streaming solutions use up-to-date hardware and software to get your event online seamlessly, however, talking about technical capabilities before you hire will save you from problems later. Ask about upload and download speeds, firewalls, video quality, and how the stream will look on mobile.

If you are webcasting from your place of business, ask if the solution can work with your IT and Networking team. Communication between the service and your in-house IT will be essential to identify any possible problems before you go live. Security and an understanding of how the online audience will gain access to the webcast is also important. Be sure to ask the live streaming provider if they offer email verification and password protection for those viewing the webcast.

2. What Kind of Support Do You Offer Before, During, and After the Event?

Professional live streaming solutions should have a variety of staging and setup options available, from connecting to a simple in-house system to providing a full production solution including microphones, cameras, and encoding equipment. Combining a webcasting solution and event production experience means your live stream will have excellent video and sound quality. When your live stream looks and sounds great, it reduces distraction and keeps your audience engaged with the content being presented.

3. Can We Interact with Remote Presenters and Online Participants?

Live streaming today offers far more options than simply broadcasting a presentation. Best-in-class live streaming solutions should offer moderated chat capabilities and Q&A forms that allow you to take questions from participants as the event is happening. You may want to have a presenter jump into the event from a remote location. If so, ask if you can have multiple video and audio feeds integrated into the webcast.

You may also want to simulcast your event to reach a larger audience, or to an internal webpage for employees. Ask your live streaming provider about broadcasting on social media channels, to a custom landing page, or a company website.

Once you have carefully researched webcasting providers, reach out to massAV to learn more about the MAVLive solution and how we can help. We will make sure your live stream is carefully executed, so webcasting is one less task you on your work to-do list.




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