10 Reasons to Hire a Production Company for Your Next Event
September 08, 2016

10 Reasons to Hire a Production Company for Your Next Event

Picture this: Your team is tasked by your CEO with running the company's annual corporate meeting. The budget is moderate, yet she makes it clear that she expects the event:

  • To be the best in your company's history
  • To tell the story of a successful year
  • To ensure that everything is recorded (for promotions and to send to your colleagues overseas)

Oh, and you have two months.


Your instinct in this case might be to pick up the phone and ask for help. Your instincts do not fail you. Here are ten reasons not to handle an event by yourself, paired with some of the many reasons you want to work with an effective production company at your major event.

1) Drive your message

The number one reason you hold an event is to communicate a message to your audience, and your production company partner can be uniquely suited to helping you do that in a relevant, streamlined way. Your partner can tie your message together with a staging solution, video, print, and both presentation support and content management to ensure a consistent narrative.

2) Design and production values

Even the best event planners sometimes miss details when they're trying to do everything themselves. Maybe the video of the event is a little shaky, or the acoustics are lackluster, or the the critical design component is missing or haphazard. With the right production company, you can be assured that production value issues will be minor at worst and (more than likely) non-existent at best, and that the design is exactly what you were looking for.

3) Venue familiarity 

Sometimes, depending on the venue, you are mandated to use in-house AV services, and it may make financial sense to do so in breakout rooms and supplemental areas outside of a general session. We recommend that your production company partner manage these in-house AV services to make sure that all goes smoothly and there is consistent management from the general session to any other supplemental presentation areas, too. Consistency truly is key.

4) Innovation through technology

Your production partner has experience in and access to new technologies you may not, and they also have the experience utilizing those technologies to make your event experience more powerful. Between design layouts that maximize audience optics, ways to break down walls between presenters and audiences, and unique screen displays and new ways to use them, there's always innovation with a production company as your partner.

5) An outside voice

Sometimes internal politics dictate that you can't necessarily push back against ideas that might bog down the production or limit the appeal of the event. But an outside consultant has more latitude (and long experience) in advocating for best practices. An effective production company can help you to champion the right changes when there are too many cooks for the soup, in a manner of speaking.

6) A dedicated production team

Above all, a production company should take away the anxiety events so frequently produce, by identifying and solving problems before they become real problems. With the staff, experience, and knowledge to anticipate and mitigate technical and logistical issues, you'll be able to focus on the parts of the event you've been tasked with in the first place.

7) Last minute changes

Along those lines, we've all been there: The CEO wants a last-second alteration to the event agenda, or it turns out you'll be filming an entirely different breakout session than you thought on an hour's notice. Nice to share those responsibilities with a production company, isn't it?

8) Experience 

This might be your first or even your fifth event; but for your production company, it could be the 100th or the 1,000th. That means they've seen great events, events that have been plagued by mistakes, and much more. They know how to navigate nearly any situation you can throw at them, including some of the ones we've outlined above.

9) Creativity 

They're not a production company for nothing. If you're willing to give your partner some latitude, they can deliver a fresh take on an event you may not even have considered. From camera angles to a speaker introduction to audience involvement, your creative event partner has an inside scoop on the latest trends and tech, plus the unique perspective to make the best use of their expertise.

10) The full experience 

Ultimately, you want your event to feel like an experience, and an unforgettable one, at that. You want everything to feel tied-together and seamless. And while you'll need to have an active role as someone who understands your organization inside and out, you want someone else handling the big picture concerns; someone who can dedicate all their time and energy to pulling off the most compelling event.

If this list has you convinced you need a production company for your next major event, we've done our job well. Learn more about how we've helped hundreds of companies put together amazing events right here.

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