The 10 Elements of a Great Product Video
May 10, 2018

The 10 Elements of a Great Product Video

Have you ever heard someone say that there is no such thing as a bad slice of pizza? Well, the opposite applies to product videos. While there are some product videos floating around out there that are completely inspirational and total game-changers, there are also plenty of ones that fail the litmus test for greatness. Or even quality.

Product videos are meant to visually showcase the unique features of a specific product by demonstrating how well the product solves a problem. Conceptually speaking, when it comes to product videos, the best ones are always the ones that are about more than just the product.

The difference between a bad product video and a good product video is whether it addresses the problem, the solution, and the story that surrounds the entire experience. That said, another key difference between a good product video and a great product video is the quality of the video.

Here are the ten key elements that make a great product video, from concept to production:


A very fine line separates being professional from being boring. While your product video should absolutely have an air of professionalism surrounding it, don’t let it get into the “stuffy” territory that instantly puts your audience to sleep. Keep it professional, but be careful to not “explain the fun away”. This can happen if you get too detailed.


If you’re active on social media, you know that relatable content is huge. People love feeling like they’re understood, and it’s kind of a big deal when the message of a product video resonates with a broad, diverse audience. If your product video is relatable, you’re bound to get a more empathetic reaction from your audience. Your product doesn’t just solve a problem, it solves your problem.

Engaging Content

A rule of thumb for product videos? Create the kind of content that you wouldn’t even scroll past. If you’re bored by your own product video, the chances that it’s going to engage other viewers are slim to none. This means interesting dialogue, captivating or funny narration, and some action. One of the best ways to hold someone’s attention? Tell them a story.


When it comes to length, there’s definitely a sweet spot for product videos. Imagine watching ten minutes worth of product video? No thank you. The video should be long enough to get your message across to your audience, but short enough to keep viewers engaged. Typically the sweet spot is between 1 and 3 minutes, but depending on the effectiveness of your storytelling, even 5 minutes can go by quickly.


Do it yourself or hire the pros? We suggest that you start with this tip: Know-thy-self.

If you have the skills and the tools, you’re probably a video production kind of person and you’ll dive right in. But as easy as video equipment manufacturers have made it to purchase production equipment and software…it’s not for the light-of-heart. With the support of a professional production company, you can have peace of mind that your product video is being made with professional quality equipment (operated by professionals!).

Lighting and Staging

We’ll let you in on a little AV secret of ours: lighting and staging are critical in live events and can make or break a product video too. You want your product to shine like a diamond, let’s put it in the best light and in the perfect environment.

Product Shots

To the untrained eye, product shots might look seamless, but here at massAV, we know how much work goes into getting the perfect shot. When the camera glides past, or that push into a close-up, the camera is the eye of the beholder and it has to be perfect. This is another area where expertise pays off. Just dropping your product on a table is never flattering.


Without an experienced team supporting you, the production of a product video could drag on forever only to result in a subpar end product. Creating a product video shouldn’t be the source of all of your misery and stress. Instead, the help of experienced professionals will streamline the process and, dare we say, make it a little enjoyable, too.


Your message should be as clear as your video quality. A great product video should harmoniously bring together all of the different elements—the product, the message, the visuals, etc.—to create a crystal clear end-product.

Polished Product

Speaking of end products, we have one more piece of advice. All the above mentioned is only as good as the editing and finishing. Shots that cut together seamless, supported by graphics and animations that fit. These are the final steps that will ensure your product video is reaching its target audience on point.

For the professional guidance and support that makes a great product video, reach out to the experts at massAV to get started!